Good Afternoon Readers,

I was just out running the Gas Station Lite and her 4kW.  I have been thinking about how open the air mixer was in my video and it dawned on me that I might be able to go with smaller nozzles, increase the blast rate, and get more power.  I reduced the nozzles from .25 to .188.  That may not sound like much but it almost doubled the blast rate and drastically improved the performance.  It was easily holding 500W and held 1500W for almost a minute before the fuel/air ratio went off and everything tanked.  Not bad considering that the timing has not been advanced.

The only down side was that there was more sooting, but I would expect that with a high blast rate.  Strangely enough she ran with the mixer in just about the same position.  I suspect there was more reduction and water gas shift resulting in more gas volume.

Back to work!