Anastasia Gasifier

The NSR Anastasia gasifier is a two inch model capable of running small engines in the 1-3hp range.


It is available as a kit or a ready to run complete unit.  It runs on pellets only.

Here are some of the early prototype operating videos:

Prices: DIY Kit $150, Ready to run $225 for the gasifier only.  Cooking pot stand, ejector, and aquarium pump not included.

3 thoughts on “Anastasia Gasifier”

  1. Tim Whelan said:

    Would this be capable of running a 900W 2.5 hp generator?
    Can you please tell me the combined shipping for this and a $99 ejector to Auckland New Zealand?

    Many Thanks

  2. Hi Tim. 2.5hp shouldn’t be a problem. I will get you a quote tomorrow. Thanks.

  3. Tim Whelan said:

    Hi. Thanks for that. Can you also give me a price for buying and shipping just the ejector to auckland new zealand.
    Any Thanks

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