About NSR

Northern Self Reliance, LLC is a small business I started in Amherst, Maine.  It is an extension of my work as a consulting mechanical engineer and also my attempt to teach and give back.  I have been a mechanical engineer for over twenty years working in aerospace, medical, printing, and consumer goods.  My true love, however, is alternative energy.

One thing that makes me nuts is when a valid technology is blatantly oversold by someone with no technical training trying to make a dollar.  Wind and biomass gasification are perfect examples of this.  YouTube is full of this sort of hype.  Hopefully after poking around this site a little you will be better armed to ward off the demons of stupidity.

Whenever you go to an alternative energy website I would encourage you to try to find an “About” section that outlines why someone is qualified to speak on their chosen subject matter.

If there is a particular topic you don’t see but would like added to this site send me an email at info@northernselfreliance.com .  I may be able to fit it in.

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