Wood Gasser Directory

Below is a table showing the location of wood gassers that may be looking for help or can offer help.

Just click on a pin to get contact information.  You can also pan and zoom the map for more detail.


To join the directory first go to:


to get your town’s latitude and longitude and then go here:


and click Edit > Add Row > and fill in the boxes.  It saves automatically

If you have any trouble you can also email the information to NSR at sabbadess at aol dot com.  Please use the standard formatting.  This is just to ward off the spambots.


4 thoughts on “Wood Gasser Directory”

  1. Faster way to find yourself, just search your address on Google Maps, then look at the URL. You’ll see a street address, slash, then lat/lon coordinates. Done!

    (note: if you reposition the map you’ll change the coordinates.)

    • True and it’s totally up to the individual, but I am trying to respect people’s privacy rather than letting everyone know exactly where they live.

      • Ah, of course. In that case just search for your town not the full address. Looks like Steve Morse’s site works fine too, I’m just more familiar with Google Maps.

        Trying to add a row and it doesn’t seem to be editable. Any hints?

  2. I saw some weirdness too on my laptop. I had to log into Google docs and then it allowed editing. I have all the permissions wide open so anyone can write to the file. I don’t know why it’s being fussy.

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