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  1. Win Weaver said:

    I viewed your YouTube. Do you have any steam turbines for sale? Thanks

    • Good Morning. Sorry, I am not going to be selling steam turbines. There are many problems with a consumer size steam turbine. First of all the rotors will seize from rust during a summer layup. Boilers are limited to 100psi by the Miniature Boiler Code. Rotors have to be run about 60,000rpm to get any efficiency which kills bearing life. Lastly, nozzles have be under a 1/8 hole to build any pressure with 150k Btu/hr boiler. This is asking for rust clogging and blow offs. Both my turbines were $5000 and $7000 which I doubt anyone would pay. Thanks for asking, though.

  2. Thank you so much . My name is Dave Gagne and I just want to tell you , you have the best Webb site for Gasifiers I have seen . I only hope you don’t get so big like some other . Having a water well co myself , I understand you have to pay for your supply’s and time . It is so nice to see someone that really cares to help people get started for what is definitely more then fair on your prices . It really nice to have someone like yourself , and must add that a friend , ” Flash ” I named his gasifire the FLASHIFIRE !! Lol I never met flash but like yourself, I can tell you are super people . So I just wanted to thank you and god bless you and your family .

    • Hi Dave. I appreciate the warm wishes. A LOT(!!!) of people have helped me over the years. I am just trying to give back half of what I have learned.

  3. Hi, my name is Robin. I saw your video using your chipper/chunker on youtube. I thought it was great! Do you have a video explaining your modifications? Maybe blueprints? I just bought the exact chipper/shredder and am anxious to start work onthe modifications. Thanks

    • Hi Robin. I am not planning to release blueprints for the chipper mods. Anything spinning at 3600rpm is a bomb waiting to go off. My design is safe and I have a full stress analysis to prove it but if some one tried to build it and didn’t follow the plans exactly they could be hurt or killed. I am not willing to take that risk. Eventually I would like to market a gasifier chipper but that will be a while because of the product liability.

  4. Hey, I recently started to explore the gasification process and seeing how it all works. I was wondering how I can purchase the gasifiser staring ejector, so I can build a small prototype gasifier?

    Any advice you can give about gasification and building a gasifier would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you!

  5. Hi! Where should i look to se how you modified the chipper?
    I cant find it.

    • Hi Peter…I haven’t published the conversion plans. This sort of thing could be VERY dangerous if it’s thrown together with “obtainium”. Eventually I will sell a conversion kit for a common chipper, but not until I have more corporate protection in place.

  6. Patrick johnson said:

    Hi Stephen
    I’m building a gasifier for my Chevy C10 1968 pickup. My gas temperature coming out of the gasifier is between 230-300 C 450-570 F with the engine running at 2000-2500 rpm.
    What size cyclone would you suggest for my system?
    Thanks Patrick
    South Africa

  7. Leon Poll said:

    Hi Stephen,
    My name is Leon, I live in LA and I am very impressed with your videos.
    Let me ask you a question: let’s say I would like to buy the NSR Victoria gasifier (plain version). How much would it cost me?
    Please let me know.


    • Hi Leon,

      Shipping a Victoria to LA will be:

      $825 – Victoria gasifier
      $71 – Shipping 42lbs to zip code 70127

      Total $896

      Thank you for the opportunity to quote you order.


  8. Leon Poll said:

    Thank you Stephen for letting me know. Even if my zip code is 91367, I do have an idea.
    Thanks again, Leon

  9. Why don’t you connect all these apparatus to drive hydraulic system? 12-72 V DC hydrualic pack from PV, vane pump from simple-simplicita bent-ax windmill without any rare-earth magnets, woodgas genset at variable 700-4000 rpm. And draw the hydrodrive 110/220/380/400 V 50/Hz electricity from the hydromotor through simple flow control valve, as well power the chipper and other powertools from the hydropack direct. I guess some 20-30% heat loss in hydraulioc circuits, but no messy electronics, grid connectors, inverters and so on. No moving parts can jam and break.

  10. Hello Stephen.
    I just saw your comment on the yahoo woodgas group where you point the “10KW” poster to your woodchipping calculation page and video.
    The page ends before we get to find out what DOES happen to fuel consumption as you add a specified load. The way it is, we only get to find out fuel consumption with no load.
    The page ends like this:
    Time = (337lbs)/(8.9lbs/hr) = 37.8 hours

    as load is applied.


    Also, I am really surprised that you only have to toss out 1/3 of the chips you made on the video as fines. I think I’d only get about a 25% YIELD from that brushy stuff.

  11. Stefan, How are you. I have not contacted you lately. I talked to you while I was in the US for an Ejector pump. Since I could.t get from you I made one by myself based on your design. It works good. I have a doubt though. Do you use a jet shaped tube in the 3/4 pipe you use? I tried using a simple tube which gives a good flow of gas but with low pressure. So I placed a venture tube with an opening of 5 mm at the center and conical shape on both sides. It seems to work better. It also gives the sound I hear from your Ejector. Since I copied this idea from you, I wish to make some payment. Could I ?
    S. M. Rao
    Mumbai, India

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