Good Evening Readers,

We have had a few days of rain so I got in some time on my CAD system.  Here is the result:

I know small engine powered alternators have been done to death on the web but I am sorta proud of this little thing.  It has a 105 amp GM single wire alternator, the alternator is spring loaded so the belt should never need adjustment, and there are cut outs for oil changes so it doesn’t go all over the deck.  The little panel on the front has a voltmeter, ammeter, and a 180 amp load shut off switch which is on the way.  I’m not sure if the gauges will be shaken to death but that is what testing is for.

This unit is going to be my backup for demo season.

I suspect this 1200-1800rpm unit is going to have much better output compared to my 3600rpm generator.  It’s just hard to get the gas completely burned when turning half the speed of light.(not really but you get the idea)

One thing I learned when researching other designs is that a lot of the “single plate mounts” have the alternator turning backward.  This results in the air trying to be scooped in toward the rotor while centrifugal force is trying to sling the air outward.  The resulting fight lowers the air flow and can cook the alternator.  This design doesn’t have that problem at the cost of increased size.

As always, if anyone wants one drop me an email and I will work up a price.  Back to the automixer……..