Gasification FAQ’s

Here are some common questions that people ask regarding wood gas:

Q: Can wood gas be compressed and stored?

A: Yes but it is a gas with a low heating value so the compression work will be most of the energy in the gas.

The gas contains large amounts of steam so the tanks will have a tendency to rust causing a poison gas explosion hazard.

A properly shut down gasifier can be restarted in about a minute so why bother?

Wood gas is hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen so it will not liquefy under pressure like propane.

The hydrogen in the wood gas will dissolve in the metal causing hydridization resulting in embrittlement and pin holes.

Q: Can I run wood gas in a diesel?

A: Wood gas does not compression ignite so you will need a “pilot” charge of diesel but yes, it will work.

Q: How do I clean tars

A: Burn it off.  I haven’t heard of a good solvent yet.

Q: My flare will not stay lit.  What do I do?

A: Tar gas burns slowly and good gas burns quickly.  If you have a situation like this:

Place a tuna can over the end of the flare pipe to hold a stationary pocket of burning gas to act as a pilot light.


Q: My flare is XXX color.  What does that mean?

A: Yellow = Tar, Dark Blue = Carbon Monoxide, White/Light Blue = Hydrogen, Orange = Carbon Soot/Dust

Q: What is the most important use for wood gas?

A: Running a coffee maker.

7 thoughts on “Gasification FAQ’s”

  1. Jordan Hill said:

    my flare wont stay lit just like the video above what do i do

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