Fuel Data

Here are some random fuel weights, densities, and equivalents which I am always looking for.  If I am always looking for them they will probably benefit other people as well.


Heat of combustion for “dead dry” wood – 8600 Btu/lb

Heat of combustion for 9% moisture barn dried chips – 7863 Btu/lb

Internal volume of a “5 gallon Home Depot bucket” – .73 ft^3

Weight of dry chips in a Home Depot Pail – 6.5 lbs.

Gasoline non condensing heat of combustion – 20,000 Btu/lb

Dry hardwood chip density – 8.94 lb/ft^3

A Home Depot pail of 9% moisture chips contains the same chemical energy as .43 gallons of gasoline if converted in a perfect gasifier.  In a typical 70% efficient gasifier the pail contains the equivalent of .3 gallons of gasoline.

For quick math, a Home Depot pail of air dried chips is equivalent to a quart of gasoline.

Therefore for a 292cc 5kw generator requiring 6 gallons of gasoline every 9 hours, you will need:

(6 gal/9 hr)*(4 pails /gallon)*(24hr/day) = 64 Home Depot pails of chips per day

Now if you lose half your available energy making charcoal…….think about 128 pails of chips.  Yikes!


Density – 648 g/l or 40.45 lb/ft^3

A Home Depot pail is equivalent to:

(40.45/8.94)=4.52 quarts of gasoline per Home Depot pail.

Still Yikes!


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