Victoria Gasifier

“The sun never sets on the Victoria Gasifier”



The NSR Victoria gasifier is a six inch model capable of running small engines in the 8-13hp range.


(Click to enlarge)

It is available as a kit or a ready to run complete unit.  It features a two stage gasification process which degasses the fuel then burns those gasses to provide preheat going into a lower charcoal gasifier section.  The result is a very clean running unit.

Please note: As with ANY unit, if you fill it with raw wood and light it without a bed of charcoal, it will make tar.  Tar is unavoidable if there is raw wood in the reduction tube.  Be sure to flare those gasses until the unit starts making a nice flame like the video below.

It will run on chunky chips like those described on the “Gasifier Fuel” page or commercially available pellets.  The standard hopper contains roughly the energy of a quart of gasoline.

Here is Victoria flaring gas with the ceramic conical hearth:

The DIY kit is available as shown below for $375:


or it can be ordered as a complete professionally welded unit for $825.  The body tubes can be 6″ tube from McMaster-Carr or locally obtained schedule 40 carbon steel pipe.  The “plain” and “fancy” options are offered for the same price.

To give you an example of some typical shipping prices as of 5/1/2014: Assembled Victoria, cyclone, and ejector shipped to the United Kingdom – $291. Assembled Victoria, cyclone, and ejector shipped to Louisiana USA – $115. Victoria kit, cyclone, and ejector shipped to Missouri,USA – $71.54.  Victoria kit, cyclone, and ejector shipped to Southern California,USA – $90.00.


9 thoughts on “Victoria Gasifier”

  1. Michael David Niven said:

    This is a very nice design and excellent for research work! I would like to purchase one asap, as we are in the final stages of testing a CHP small scale system. The system is designed in two stages, the first stage uses a type of TLUD technology to process the biomass to biochar and the second stage will gasify the biochar to produce clean gas to fuel a generator set. This is where I would like to utilize your unit. Could you please send me details on how you prefer payment and also when I could expect delivery to Alicante, Spain, for a ready assembled unit if possible? If not, I am willing to purchase it in kit form with all the parts included to complete the assembly (including body tubes).

    Thank you & regards – Michael

  2. Would a person be able to install a longer 6 inch pipe to make the hopper larger and run times extended? If so what would be the maximum?

  3. Kyle talajic said:

    I would like to purchase a diy kit. I have a question on how you manage to run this and not have a bridging problem? Most information I have read is that 6″is minimum.

    • Hi Kyle….I am not taking orders at this time. I have taken a job teaching at a university because there was no steady income from wood gas. Hopefully I will be able to outsource production and get back to shipping hardware next summer when the students are gone.

      I solved bridging with short down angled nozzles. It burns the fuel away from the sidewall so nothing can hang up.

      I agree 6″ is a minimum for chips. 4″ is about the minimum for pellets, although Anastasia runs quite well with pellets at 2″


  4. Steve Halfpap said:

    I don`t see an igniton port? Do you light threw a nozzle?

  5. Kyle talajic said:

    When are these kits going to be available to purchase? I had put in a request a couple years ago and have still been waiting patiently.

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