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Good Evening Readers,

Today I got to try my latest creation, a computer controlled reflux still.  It is too cool!  It has a temperature sensor that controls a fan to adjust the amount of refluxing.


It is SO much more efficient than my old pot still!!  I am gladly going to have to rewrite my “Ethanol – Is it worth it?” page.  My math was correct but the tech was all wrong.

Using a 5% mash I was able to produce flammable, 180+ proof ethanol with no redistilling.  Granted, the proof tapered off as the run continued, but it was MUCH higher than my old typical 50 proof initial concentration.

I did get the sizing of a few heat transfer surfaces wrong so I’m not ready to post pictures and definitive performance numbers just yet.  It’s coming.

I have a renewed sense of optimism that my UMaine students will be able to build a net energy positive cattail ethanol system this fall.

Stay Tuned,