The NSR Mini Gas Station

What do you get when you take an Isabella gasifer, add the Gas Station air cooled cyclone, and the air cooled final filter kit?   You get a mini gas station!  This unit is appropriate for running engines up to about eight horsepower.  This is typical of a 4kW generator.  Below is a picture of my test rig:


The performance numbers obtained in the flare test run were pretty impressive.  The gas coming out of the gasifier was running about 750F(399C) at a flow rate of about 12cfm(340l/min).  The air cooled cyclone dropped the gas temperature 400F(!!) to an exit temperature of 350F(177C).  The final filter with the heat exchanger modifications then dropped the flow’s temperature to 130F(57C) at the exit!

Engine Test

The engine test actually produced a lower gasifier exit temperature than the flare test.  The gas temperature was only 650F out of the gasifier, 250F out of the cyclone, and about 110F from the final filter.  That means there is certainly plenty of capacity left for an 8hp generator’s load.

The Mini Gas Station is available for $1200 plus shipping.

The cooled cyclone and final filter are available under their respective pages.

4 thoughts on “The NSR Mini Gas Station”

  1. Wes Driggers said:

    1) With the NSR mini gas station I’d like to power my 7 hp Duromax engine on my DC generator which uses a 300 amp alternator. If the engine HP is reduced to 50 – 60% as you indicated in the pro/con section of your website will there be enough power to run that alternator at max output?

    2) Does the $1200 price include the complete system shown?


    • Hi Wes. (7hp*746W/hp)=5222W. Taking half of that 5222W/2 = 2611W of shaft power available on wood. A 300A alternator at 12V will need (12V*300A)/(50% efficiency)=7200W of shaft power. Therefore you aren’t going to make it even if the Mini Gas Station could put out enough gas. Yes. $1200 is the complete system but I will not have any hardware to ship until next summer.

  2. I am interested in the Mini Gas Station. Are they still available and how much will shipping be to Thomasville, Alabama 36784? Also would like the auto mixer. Would like everything that it takes to get going…

    • Hi Jamie..I am not taking orders at this time. I have taken a job teaching at a university because there was no steady income from wood gas. Hopefully I will be able to outsource production and get back to shipping hardware next summer when the students are gone. Stephen

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