Hi Wood Gassers,

Last year I took a job teaching at a university.  Since then I have struggled to get my latest order out the door.  My customer has been great and I have kept him informed the entire way through.  I also tried to make up for my tardiness by including extra hardware.  HOWEVER(!!!)  this is completely unacceptable on my part.  When I promise a delivery it needs to be met.  That means there needs to be some changes.

From now on I am not going to accept orders or promise hardware until it is COMPLETE and on the shelf available for sale.  You will be able to check my inventory by looking at the bottom of the  “Get Hardware” pages like this one:


I am also going to train my welder to do the assembly work so I can fill his winter slow periods.  Hopefully this strikes a decent balance between production and the craziness of my schedule.