Hi Folks,

Please let me express my thanks to all the people who came to visit us at Square Tail Brewing yesterday.  It was a great day.  I loved seeing all the astonished faces when the little generator started and ran with no fuel tank.  That was priceless.

There were roughly a dozen starts and stops yesterday which isn’t very good for machine cleanliness but the Gas Station performed like a champ.  I am past worrying about tar.  Now I worry more about soot fouling.  Here is the final condensate stage before the engine: condensate Getting the light correct was difficult to properly show the color of the water but to me it looked like dilute herbal tea.  It was definitely not black, sooty, or tarry.  All the water I got on my hands appeared perfectly clear.  This was something to write home about because it shows that I am extending the time between cleanings and maintenance.