Gasifier Starting Ejectors

Gasifier starting suction flare:


(Click to enlarge)

Price: $99.  There is no DIY option for this item because the welding and machining are minimal.

10 thoughts on “Gasifier Starting Ejectors”

  1. Leigh Jezorek said:

    Stephen- How do I order an ejector and account for the freight to NJ?

  2. Would be nice to have parts listed in your post could you do that PLS ?

    • Hi Hugues…The sad fact of life is that the only money I have to do wood gas projects comes from selling wood gas items. Unemployment is no fun. That is why I don’t post parts lists and dimensioned diagrams. By retaining some stuff to sell I can keep innovating and showing people stuff that works. At least it gives them a working direction to go, like the Gas Station cooler design. It’s the best balance I can come up with until I can land another job.

  3. Andreas Pettersson said:


    Can you explain the connections, one is woodgas inlet and one the plastic tube is compressed air? but what is the third with the ball valve is it just a extra air and needs no hookup?

    What psi are your running it at?

    Do you ship overseas to Sweden?

    • Hi Andreas….You are close. One side of the pipe cross is the gas inlet, the other side(plastic hose) goes to a water manometer to measure the system suction, and the ball valve goes to a compressed air supply. Everything needs to be connected.

      I run 120psi into mine.

      I do ship overseas and I have a unit on the shelf. I will send you a quote tomorrow.


  4. Hi, do you have any of these for sale? Thanks

    • Hi Chad..Not at this time. I have taken a job teaching at a university because there was no steady income from wood gas. I am not taking orders because I have so little time. Hopefully I will be able to outsource production and get back to shipping hardware next summer when the students are gone. Stephen

  5. Kevin Keel said:

    is it possible to create a strong enough vacuum using a blower rather than compressed air?

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